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Using our Gifts as Women of Faith

How has your husband encouraged you

to grow and use your gifts for the kingdom?

My husband sent me this wonderful article today from the Gospel Coalition called Wives Speak Out, and I just had to share it.  I urge you all to take the time to read some of the brief answers from these godly, hard-working women who are not the oppressed, mousey, house-bound wives that the world would sometimes see them as simply because they “submit” to God and their husbands.

These are examples of women who pursue their dreams, ambitions, and gifts as nurses, writers, teachers, musicians, etc., in ways that do not oppose the gospel or compromise their calling as wives and mothers. In fact, their calling as makers of the home and godly wives arguably under-girds these other pursuits and enlivens them.  Indeed, God calls us all to bless the body with our talents and gifts both inside and outside of the home. These women speak out about how their husbands support and encourage them in them in this.

Read and be inspired!

In the article, they all responded to the question “how has your husband you to grow and use your gifts for the kingdom?”

Here’s my answer: My primary love and calling is wife and mom. There is not doubt about that, but I also have an entrepreneurial spirit and feel called to use my other gifts in writing, music, and the occasional theatrical endeavor as well. I can say that Greg has always been encouraging of my desire to pursue these things. He has cheered me on in plays, helped me pursue a degree in creative writing, and supported my musical endeavors countless times, staying home with the baby so I can go to rehearsals, etc. He has never shut down any of my crazy ideas to start an herb business, start a baby music class, or teach a yoga class. However, he has wisely counseled me a number of times to not do too much. He has sought to protect me from overcommitment, which I tend to do so often! I have a hard time saying no, and Greg has gently, lovingly helped me weigh out decisions, and do what is wisest for our family. I trust him and seek is opinion and counsel. I know he wants to see me use my gifts for the kingdom and for my joy and that blesses me immensely.

How do you answer this question? Please comment below!


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