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The Gig That Matters Most

Last week, Good Friday, in the midst of one of the busiest weeks of the year for musicians in the church, I was hurriedly tucking my 3-year-old into bed, anxious to steal a few moments of practice while she napped. Every afternoon, she asks me to rest with her for a bit. That day, I just wanted to get her down quickly. I sighed impatiently when she asked me to stay. Mere hours away from rehearsal and “go time,”  I worried about all I had on my plate. I simply couldn’t “waste” time resting! But she sweetly pleaded, “Please, Momma. Will you sing me a song? Will you pray for me?” 

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Suddenly finding it very hard to resist, (because, really, how can you say no to that?!), I surrendered my head next to hers on the pillow. I accepted a moment’s peace, admittedly grateful for the chance to slow down. I sang to her softly and tiredly. It wasn’t in perfect pitch, or with technique or vibrato, yet she sighed contentedly listening to my voice, and burrowed into my shoulder, happy, warm, and loved. She requested “Jesus Loves Me,” and I was flooded with the reminder that, in my life, THIS is the “gig” that matters most. 

While ministry opportunities (not usually called “gigs”) are of course important, what I’m primarily called to as a parent doesn’t end when the lights go down. It often goes unseen and un-applauded. This is heart-shepherding, kingdom work that connects, builds trust, and teaches truth. 

I can stand up and help lead my church family of a thousand people into worship, and God may bless that endeavor, but if I lose sight of the calling to minister to my children, I risk a far greater loss.

Honestly, does it matter if my kids remember me as a musician and songwriter? I doubt they would “rise up and call me blessed” for using my gifts for everyone else, yet failing to cultivate their love for Jesus in those smaller moments of family worship.

Ultimately, the Lord is one who knows and has my children’s hearts, but just as I am called to be a good steward of my gifts, I am called to be a faithful shepherd to my children.   And, thankfully, I can do both!  I will continue to look for opportunities to use my gifts in my church and community, but humbly, imperfectly, and trusting God, I want to continue to fight for contentment in the ordinary moments, “sing-sowing” seeds into my children’s lives. Whether it’s from a stage, in the car, around my kitchen table, or snuggled up in a toddler-sized bed, may we always remember our most important “gigs” as parents. May we always be humble and eager to be used for His glory in all seasons!



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