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Singing With the Stars….Literally

Today, I needed a little perspective. I needed to be reminded of my smallness and God’s bigness. It may sound simple, but it is so easy to find ourselves at the center of our own little universes. We think we “deserve” this comfort, or that convenience. We think it’s our “right” to be treated a certain way, or live a certain lifestyle. We find ourselves living each day asking “what do I want” much more than, “Lord, what is your will for me?” And then, even when we do seek the Lord, how often do we really listen? How often to we really soak in His word and seek his face?

Today, I gained some perspective again through this short video clip from the 2011 Desiring God Conference. Louie Giglio “mashes up” the recorded sounds of space and sea to show us that Psalms like 148 are not just pretty verses, but truly all the creatures of the earth and sea sing his praise, and his majesty is indeed found above the earth and heaven.

I found myself crying tears of humility and joy at the reminder that we are NOT the only beings in this universe who have a voice with which to praise Him. God’s ears are FULL of the songs of his creation, from the tiniest buzz of the bee, to the whale’s haunting melody, to the pulsar’s magnificent aria in outer-space.

Please, take the time to watch this and be reminded of how glorious our God is! How GREAT and GREATLY to be praised!


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