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New Year, New Song

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written here!

My last musings were on the exciting adventures of the Paleo Whole30 cleanse (of which I am due for another!), and as you can see I’ve changed the “look” of the blog a bit. I do plan to get back to sharing recipes, writing about some aspects of my journey as a mom, and up-keeping my recently re-opened side business working with herbs. But, I have also been busy in my “other life” as a musician and wanted share my recent endeavors!

So, belated as it is, here’s my most recent song, released for the Christmas/New Year season. It’s FREE to download on bandcamp.

Hope it blesses you!

Lately, I am learning to be a Momsician. Living and creating in the “present” of fragile 2 hour nap-time slots, with towels stuffed under the bedroom door and duct tape holding the mic to its stand. I accept as a precious gift the few moments I can steal to be inspired and make art….read the rest of the story here!


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