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Keepin’ it REAL….

Lately, I’ve posted a lot on Facebook about the soon-to-be-released music, the exciting move to Phoenix, and all the fun beach-time we’re cramming in before heading to the desert. I’m guessing it all looks pretty squeaky from the feed, doesn’t it?

And, honestly, life IS pretty awesome and I do have MANY reasons to be joy-filled!

But, life right now is not always pretty or easy or fun. In fact, as it turns out, trying to record and release an album while simultaneously packing for a big move, Maid of Honoring for BFF’s wedding, leading worship, counseling friends in a rough time, battling exhaustion, solo parenting for several weeks during hubby’s travels, and trying to entertain (and yes, still parent) two very spirited toddlers, one of whom has taken to escaping her crib, dropping her nap AND potty training all at once (!!!!)…is well….a little INSANE.

I think Lucy expresses it so well here 🙂 A full range of emotions!

I’m not complaining! I’ve received a lot of love and help and support…more than I deserve. However, I felt compelled this week to share a glimpse into the “real world” of the Schneeberger home for a moment. Just a reality check, and an opportunity for me to practice what I preach about being transparent and vulnerable,  lest I promote an image of myself or my family that does not reflect our utter NEED for GRACE every MINUTE of every day!!! 🙂

Let’s start with this gem:

Here I am in the full glory of hot, sweaty, exhausted packing madness. Aria wanted to take a picture of me, and I really had no idea how AWESOME it would turn out. LOL. (No, really, go ahead, laugh out loud!) My initial instinct was to delete this lovely evidence…er…portrait. Yet here it is for you to see the no-makeup, disheveled me, just trying, like you all, to survive some days. Feeling like I’m getting nowhere and getting nothing done and have no control over anyone or any thing…not even my amazingly bouffant hair.


And then there’s this morning glory hot mess…..need I say more?


And there’s this accident waiting to happen….I’m not sure who’s in danger more, the toddler, or the antique tea pot in the box she’s sitting on.


Still, there are moments of sweetness….. 🙂

 But then I go and find THIS!!! ARRRG!!! 


So I put on Elmo. And let it replay….twice….guilt free!


Even all the beach fun can turn sour when a toy is “lost” in the sea (only to be found after… a 10 minute meltdown… still in the bucket) *sigh*.


Moms know that in potty training season, for every successful wee in the potty, about 10 more happen in various places around the house.


Having two feisty toddlers is….hard.





It’s very overwhelming, to say the least.

Then again, this early morning sweetness is healing to the soul.


In and out of season, I need Thee every hour, Lord!


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