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It Is Finished

It Is Finished

In the midst of writing for my upcoming EP, I took a bit of a detour and something else entirely emerged…

As this song took shape, I began to see it as more of a cross-focused piece. Its purpose is to build into that tension of the final hours of Christ’s life. It is meant to be one big crescendo, wherein we want so much to burst into that “HE IS RISEN” moment, but we don’t go there yet! Instead, we remain held in that moment of reflecting and remembering the gruesomely scandalous, paradoxically beautiful act of grace. We are meant to feel the weight of Christ’s work, accomplished through pain, suffering, and death. It is indeed a “Good Friday” song, and I’m honored to have it included in the service tonight at Redeemer. Come hear it live if you can!!

Update 4/2/15: You can listen and download this song here:

It Is Finished

Words & Music Caitelen Schneeberger

See the God-man  / In the garden / Calling “Abba”

The cold set in / his weary friends / could not keep watch

his hands, they were open

And his heart willed to obey

So they took him / and they struck him down

And they mocked him/ with a thorny crown

But his hands remained open

Praying, “Father forgive them”


Betrayed with an unholy kiss

Our curse became his heaviness

The Father’s wrath upon his only son

They pierced his side, blood and water flowed

His body torn, they laid him low

The sky went black, but darkness had not won

It is finished!  It is finished!

Hallelujah!   It is finished!

It is finished!



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